Re: A bubble market in Tracker Snacks

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cryptoguy wrote:
I checked the AH again today, and they are now around 150g a pop!

Wish I had the recipe....

Just because someone is trying to sell them at that, doesn't mean
anyone would pay it.

There were actually several sellers at that level. I don't now how
much business they got. Within a day, the price was down to under 15g,
so it clearly didn't last.

They *were* very helpful in finding turkeys when I was accumulating
mats for the Bountiful Feasts.

Blowing bubbles..
Someone gets a banker to value at 150, another at 149 , another at 145, costs little and
who knows, someone may even buy at that = win for bubbler.
Maybe put some at 15g , top of current market, if they sell =win for bubbler.
Then they can buy all the 0-15 market or just let punters update, new punters see the
price and
pile on down to 100-75.
Some just buy the <20 and repost at 50 = win for the bubbler.
Then the bubbler puts up large numbers of the ~1g mats at 10g each = win for the bubbler.

Even 15g is excessive, they remained an inflated 5g or less on mine.
Spices are going 2g each single down to 50g for 100

If there is evidence of market manipulation it can draw a ban, I believe.