Re: PUG end-game raids.

On Nov 20, 3:56 pm, cryptoguy <treifam...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I've geared up pretty much to the limit of what I can do with Emblems
of Triumph alone. To go much further, I'm going to need Trophies of
the Crusade, which drop only in Trial of the Crusader.

That's a raid instance. While I've had a lot of good luck getting PUG
5mans for the daily heroic, it looks like end-game PUG raids are a
different matter. The few I've been on haven't been that successful,
and a bad one can lock you out of the that raid for a week.

For a while, I was on the call list for a raiding guild as a stand-in
healer, but they now have a couple of Holy Pallies of their own, and
it's been made clear they are unlikely to need my services in future.
These weren't PUGs, but rather a raid guild filling in a couple of
empty slots. I enjoyed that, and pulled my weight, but it doesn't look
like it will occur again soon.

I've considered moving to a raiding guild, but I don't have a regular
schedule. Unlike most raiders, I'm mature, married to a non-gamer,
have kids, a house, and a regular job. While I play almost every
night, I can't *reliably* clear a 3 hour slot 2-3 times a week, the
minimum which 'casual' raiding guilds seem to require; too many other
parts of my life can intervene.

I'm looking for suggestions on how I might handle this. It could well
be that I'm simply SOL,
in which case I'm going to be pretty bored until the next expansion


I could've written that post as well. I've put WoW on hold since
July (both of my accounts expired then, anyway). I am waiting
for the cross-realm raiding thing in the next patch, then I'll just do
the 1 month thing at first. In the meantime I got an xbox AND the
WII (for the wife). I'm getting into gta 4 as of now, very
entertaining. But, coming from a keyboard to these controllers is
taking A LOT
of getting used to.