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Cool. I can fly around now.
Certainly makes it easier to rack up XP and explore new areas. Also,
no hassle avoiding fights on the way to somewhere else...

Does the flying mount work in old world too?

I've run two characters through Outland before they lowered the flying
requirements. Now I have my third & fourth characters in Outland with
flying abilities and it's so easy getting around it almost feels like
cheating. One of those two is now flying in Northrend and it too almost
feels like cheating.

What a TON of XP you get discovering all the places you can discover in
Outland & Northrend! You don't just uncover the map for the achievements
and XP, you discover EVERYwhere (have to get the minor places too) and
gain at least 3 levels with very little effort and quite quickly.

If it's XP that matters, don't wait until lvl 80 to discover all of
Outlands and Northrend.

Hypanthia, Night Elf, Shadow Priest, Enchantress/Herbalist.
Cowpattee, Tauren, Druid, Enchantress/Herbalist.

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