Re: it's possibile to powelevel a toon only with bg?

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On Fri, 23 Oct 2009 15:54:01 +0200, evanmac69@xxxxxxxxx (EvanMac)

there's a guildie of mine, who is lvl 78 (ele shaman), but he seems
don't know any of game mechanics; I armored him and I he has many pvp
achievements, also warsong perfection (100 victory in warsong gulch!)

he says that he started play around two months ago, and have never
played wow before; just this sound so strange to me: a person who
doesn't knw anything about wow, in two months can hit lvl 78?

maybe, and in two months he never heard nothing about greed/need

seems that he assumes clicking on "need" or "greed" it's the same thing,
so or he is a total dumb, or he doesn't know the difference because he
just start playing some weeks ago...

shall I consider to write to a GM (I'm the guild leader, too) to
investigate this situation?

thanks in advance...

It *might* be possible now, after level 10 or so (when you can get
into WSG), but getting experience in BGs is a very recent change, more
recent than two months ago I believe.

It was 2 months ago, as I remember my bf accidentally levelling on it
one day when I was out (having waited ages for him to get around to
playing that character again as we were supposed to be levelling
together - I then had to quest a fair bit to catch back up, the amount
of exp was higher than either of us expected!), and this was in

They also only *more* recently
changed it so that the BG Daily only came from the pool of BGs that
you can do, so that wouldn't explain it either (doing WSG when there's
a 100% chance that it'll be the daily is *much* more efficient than
when there's only a one in five or six chance).

Also, I have to point out that WSG is the *worst* BG for getting
experience points (with the *possible* exception of EotS or IoC, if
you're Alliance on Vindication-US Battle Group), since you only get a
relatively small amount of XP when your side captures a flag. AV is
*much* quicker, but of course you have to get to level 51 or so to be
able to play in that one.

Yeah I can't imagine WSG being that good for exp, although I've never
actually tried it to see what gives exp.
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