Re: Got my Violet Protodrake!

On Thu, 22 Oct 2009 13:52:29 +0100, Cradok <iantait@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Catriona R wrote:
Dunno about that, we didn't have much luck with rings and running with 2
<80 casters in the group and always having the melee ring drop... we got
one ring each in the end but could've happily taken 2 each. I'm not
after the mount either, anyway, only the achievements, just can't be
bothered farming for a stupid low droprate thing that has a time limit
on it, that's too much like work.

He drops 2 mounts; there's the broom which only works during Hallow's
End, but which isn't learned, and there's the actual horse mount which
is learned and usable all year.

Yeah, I was meaning the permanent one, we had one of the brooms drop, I
made my bf take it for his warlock, seems suitable for a warlock to ride
a broom ;-)
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