Re: Got my Violet Protodrake!

"Catriona R" <catrionarNOSPAM@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

Yep, my reckoning is that, for any item I need, I have 100% chance with
3 summons. Now even if only one out of the people in a pug needs an
item, that's 50% chance of 5 summons, which is lower chance overall.
Granted it's a fair point about increasing the chance again by also
doing a pug, but I prefer to use my summon in the group with my bf so as
to give him more chances on the drops he wants as well; would be a bit
selfish of me just to use his summons without giving any of mine in

If he's not after the mount, I guarantee you, he won't NEED that many
summons, esp, since, as you said, he also doesn't care about achievements.