Re: Got my Violet Protodrake!

"Catriona R" <catrionarNOSPAM@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

Glad it works that way on your server... NO group I've ever been in has
stated rules in advance, we make it up when something drops. Which
pretty much guarantees that polite people like me who don't want to be
seen to be ninjas, will lose the item through not needing it (since
others are passing/greeding), then whoever was last to roll rolls need
and takes it.

Yeah, every server I know if you don't roll need on it, it's assumed you
don't want it. Ask around on the forums if you like, it seems pretty common
practice even on the servers I don't play on, as well. With wearable items,
it's different, but for vanity pets and mounts, it's need or you don't want.

Exactly, why do you think I'm not doing it in 5-man groups then? :-P
Only person I trust not to roll is my boyfriend, because I know he's got
no interest in mounts, pets, achievements and the like; he'll take them
if I don't need but will always pass for my main on those items (and
it's not a oneway thing like I'm using him, he gets plenty nice drops
for his alts out of the deal :-))

And you're losing lots of chances, which is your choice, but not smart if
you really want the mount.

That is exactly WHY I'm saying I won't do it in a group... there is one
person I trust not to roll against me, so I go with him.

And you're a lot less likely to get the mount than those of us who PUG it.
Your call, but as I said, if you want the mount, your odds are down the way
you do it.

Seems utterly stupid to waste your summon on pugging it, competition vs
no competition, no contest.

You do it with your BF, you, and your alt, right? Gives you 3 shots with no
competition. Doing it in a pug gives you 5 shots with competition, then you
can STILL go later with your bf and your alt and then get 2 shots with no
competition. Sorry, but if you want the mount, THAT is "no contest" the
better way to do it.