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I'm surprised frankly - if you want an uber rare droprate mount, going
with a pug is absolutely NOT the way to do it. You're guaranteed a ninja
or fight over it that way

Ninjaing the mount is pretty much not possible unless you're one of the
people who agrees not to roll in exchange for gold(in which case, you might
pass and not get paid). Literally EVERY group that does HH(and Direbrew, for
that matter) that I've ever seen specifically states ahead of time to need
on mounts and any achievement drop you're missing. It's standard practice on
every server I've been on in, you go in, everyone already knows if the mount
drops you need on it. This doesn't start fights, either, it's perfectly
standard and normal, and is just the way things are. This is not just my
friendly groups, this is every group that does it. If you go for the HH, you
need roll the mount and achievement drops, if you go for Direbrew, you need
roll the mounts and remote if you don't have one.

Glad it works that way on your server... NO group I've ever been in has
stated rules in advance, we make it up when something drops. Which
pretty much guarantees that polite people like me who don't want to be
seen to be ninjas, will lose the item through not needing it (since
others are passing/greeding), then whoever was last to roll rolls need
and takes it.

, so I'd never consider that if I was that keen, much better to go with
people I trust to not roll.

A group you trust not to roll? I don't know ANYBODY who would pass on the
roll unless they already had the mount and couldn't get it anyways. Good
luck finding a group of them, I know on my servers, that's just not an
option. Direbrew's mounts are more common(and far less cool), and it's near
impossible to find anyone willing to pass on them, much less the HH mount,
unless, as I said, they already have it.

Exactly, why do you think I'm not doing it in 5-man groups then? :-P
Only person I trust not to roll is my boyfriend, because I know he's got
no interest in mounts, pets, achievements and the like; he'll take them
if I don't need but will always pass for my main on those items (and
it's not a oneway thing like I'm using him, he gets plenty nice drops
for his alts out of the deal :-))

I know you're talking about a mostly friends run but my post was regarding
pugs, and i simply cannot see many people pugging for the mount.

Sorry, but you're simply wrong here. People want the mount, and you WILL NOT
find a group of people willing to pass on it unless you are VERY lucky or
have a group of very good friends who have no interest whatsoever in
collecting mounts of any sort, including super rare ones that reward an

That is exactly WHY I'm saying I won't do it in a group... there is one
person I trust not to roll against me, so I go with him.

Now, consider this-let's say you do have a group of friends like that, who
can do HH with you, and are willing to pass on the mount. Then, you can join
a pug run, use your summons along with their 4 summons to give you 5
attempts at the mount with 5 people rolling on it if it drops. Then get your
friends to run you, to get 4 more attempts with nobody else rolling on it if
it drops. That's 9 attempts vs 5 by just doing it with your trusted people
who'd pass on the mount. So yes, getting the mount is pretty much THE reason
most PUGs do HH.

Seems utterly stupid to waste your summon on pugging it, competition vs
no competition, no contest.
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