Re: Got my Violet Protodrake!

On Tue, 20 Oct 2009 06:36:46 -0700 (PDT), cryptoguy
<treifamily@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I'm trying to imagine why anyone to want to duo either Coren or the
HH. Five people gives you far more chances to get a rare drop. Since
some or many will already have the drop, your chances of getting it go

No, they go down, because you have competition. Going with one other
person who you know doesn't want what you need, means you're guaranteed
to win if it drops. 3 chances of a guaranteed win vs 5 of having to roll
against 4 other people, no contest.

Plus both of you can take lower level alts along to get drops without
being accused of leeching if they're too low to loot - I run with my
boyfriend, we've got 3 summons between us (sometimes 4, if it's possible
to use both my 80s on different attempts, depends if it's a fight that
can take different class combinations or not), and can take 4-5
characters in, depending how it works out (we both have 2 accounts and a
few characters we can swap around). Both his 70 warlock and my 76 shaman
have several lvl 80 drops from these fights already, just waiting to use
when they level up, we couldn't have done that with normal pugs. Well,
my shaman could probably do it with HH, since he's easy enough and she
can summon, but who'd take a lvl 70 who can't summon?
Sagart (80 Undead Priest)
Tairbh (80 Tauren Druid)
Buinne (76 Troll Shaman)
Eilnich (70 Blood Elf Warlock)
Ruire (70 Blood Elf Paladin)
Balgair (70 Human Rogue)
Naomh (70 Draenei Priest)
Rosad (70 Human Warlock)
Sealgair (70 Dwarf Hunter)
Dubh (65 Orc Death Knight)

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