Strategy for better gear at lvl80


Thanks to your previous advices my holy priest healer gear is now acceptable although it's not great. I have done almost everything I could do by crafting tailor items and enchanting my gear, including stuff which I could get when I have high rep in various fractions.

I have found a better guild who do heroics and raids but it's not very easy to get into those. They have already healers and inviting someone who's not brilliant for the job has low priority. Things are getting better, but I wonder if I can speed up the process in some way?

Believe it or not, but I have just recently discovered the system about badges. I have never been doing BG's - almost never - but now I wonder if I can get better gear by doing BG's and use the points I get there?

Another possibility I was thinking about is, as I'm dual specced I could run some instances as dps and spend the points on healer gear? It seems to be easier to get into a party as dps than as healer.If that's a possibility, I should definetly gear up for my shadow spec. Untill now I do dailies and basic grinding as shadow specced in healer gear and this works acceptable. It won't work for instances I guess.

Therefore: Can a shadow priest be acceptable as dps in heroics? I'm not thinking about progressing as dps to do raids, just to earn badges to spend on better healer gear.

Thanks for your advices