Re: How much is the Hallowed Helm worth to you?

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Orion Ryder <orionryder@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On Oct 6, 12:50 pm, cryptoguy <treifam...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
At the moment, the only thing between me and the Violet Protodrake
310% mount is getting the Hallowed Helm in the approaching Hallow's
End event.

It seems to drop at about a 7% rate in the Headless Horseman event,
which is similar to the Coren Direbrew event in Brewfest (ie, doable
by each member of a 5 person group). It can also be got at about a
1.5% rate from the Treat Bags obtainable hourly from innkeepers, and
1.5% in the daily Smashing Pumpkins event. BTW, the HH is being buffed
to 80, like Coren.

I'm thinking of telling people at the start of the HH event that if
they get the Helm, not to equip it until they talk to me; I'd offer
them a good price.

How much would it take to get you to hand over the helm?

On the Blizzard boards, some people are saying they'd offer 25k for
the horseman's mount, and others are saying they wouldn't take it.


If you needed the helm for the drake like this I would not roll
against you.

If I won the Protodrake, it would cost you at least as much as any
premium mount would cost, to buy it from me. The Traveler's Tundra
Mammoth for example. I'd sell the drake to the highest bidder starting
at 19,000 gold, so I could replace the drake with the mammoth.

This seems fair, no?

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