Re: How much is the Hallowed Helm worth to you?

On Oct 6, 12:50 pm, cryptoguy <treifam...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
At the moment, the only thing between me and the Violet Protodrake
310% mount is getting the Hallowed Helm in the approaching Hallow's
End event.

I am so glad that my guild is good enough to knock out the Ulduar hard
modes, because a dozen nights of knocking out hard modes, for 310%
flight form, is still far less time consuming that doing all the
holiday events for a faster mount.

As an update...

Our 10 man firefighter achievement hinged on having a ret pally and a
resto shaman. The pally brought fire aura, replenishment, and kings
while the resto shaman brought totems and heroism. It turned out that
those few buffs were all that we needed to get us over the hump (well
that and the prior 40 attempts to get the fire dance down).

Downing Animus was almost a non-event, as it was a 3 shot, and 1 light
Yogg was cakewalk compared to firefighter, maybe a dozen wipes.

The hardest achievement for me turned out to be a disarmed Kologarn,
which took 5 weeks to do in 10 man. Annoyingly, we managed to do
disarmed in 25 man each of those weeks.

We also finally finished up the legendary mace for our holy priest,
and then promptly took Ulduar off our raiding schedule, to everyone's
delight. Although that now means we get to wipe repeatedly on 25 man
heroic Northrend Beasts :( It's crazy just how much more difficult
heroic ToC25 is, compared to heroic ToC10.
// T.Hsu