Re: How much is the Hallowed Helm worth to you?

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At the moment, the only thing between me and the Violet Protodrake
310% mount is getting the Hallowed Helm in the approaching Hallow's
End event.

You do know that last year, like with the hallowed pet, you can get
those items from those surprise gift boxes which is how my alts got
theirs.  That's assuming they do it like that this year.

Yes, I know that. I stated so in the OP. I'm going to be losing sleep
to hit the innkeepers as frequently as possible. It's a 1.3% drop.
Assuming I can hit it 8 times in a day, (I do sleep, and can't do it
from work), I have about a 10% chance of seeing one on any given day.
It's a 7% chance from the horseman. In a group of 5, that's about a
35% chance a day. My chances of getting it from the horseman are much
better than from the treat bags (1/hour) or surprise packages (1/day).

I actually got my Sinister Squashling last year from a treat bag. I
failed to get the helm despite trying. I don't want to repeat that
this year.


That's where I got mine and the Helm. I meant to say treat bag but
forgot what it was actually called.