Re: How much is the Hallowed Helm worth to you?

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On Tue, 6 Oct 2009 09:50:50 -0700 (PDT), cryptoguy wrote:
 At the moment, the only thing between me and the Violet Protodrake
 310% mount is getting the Hallowed Helm in the approaching Hallow's
 End event.

 It seems to drop at about a 7% rate in the Headless Horseman event,
 which is similar to the Coren Direbrew event in Brewfest (ie, doable
 by each member of a 5 person group). It can also be got at about a
 1.5% rate from the Treat Bags obtainable hourly from innkeepers, and
 1.5% in the daily Smashing Pumpkins event. BTW, the HH is being buffed
 to 80, like Coren.

 I'm thinking of telling people at the start of the HH event that if
 they get the Helm, not to equip it until they talk to me; I'd offer
 them a good price.

Do you actually need to equip it for the achievment? Or just to win it?

In any case, can't you hand over BoP stuff to other group members even after
equipping it, provided you do not enchant or gem it? If that also applies
for the hallowed helm, then the person who gets it can equip it and then
pass it on to another person (I don't think the pass-on feature chains, does

That's a damn good question. I found this in the Wowhead thread for
the achievement:

- start quote -

By Dreekenail 9 hr 6 min ago (Patch 3.2.2)
I can confirm, as with brewfest "A Brew-FAST Mount" achievement, and
"Get-to-Choppa!" achievement, part of your idea will work. If someone
wins the roll, they will get credit for having obtained that item on
the achievement list. That item can be passed to another person, BUT,
it will only count for that person if they "learn" to summon the pet
(aka two people max per squashling pet drop) Passing it around for the
pet is not enough to earn the achievement, just like the chopper and
the ram/kodo.

Please note: it is unknown if the same is true for the helm, but i
imagine if everyone went around in a circle and put on the helm, it
would count for everyone in the group as long as it is equiped. As
with most achievements, with few restricted exceptions, it is not
required to have both at the same time, and one item will remain
"green" aka complete, after a tradeoff.
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- end quote -

The Sinister Calling achievement (which is required for the meta,
which is required for the meta-meta that gives the VPD) actually has 2
components: Obtain a Sinister Squashling (which I already have) and
Obtain a Hallowed Helm.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see. I can assure you, I'll be
hitting every option I have to get the helm. If it can be passed
around, it makes it a *lot* easier. I don't actually care about the
Helm, I just want to get to the VPD.
(not because I'm a mount collector - I have only five at the moment,
but because I want the speed, and the achievement, which I've worked
on for a full year.)

 How much would it take to get you to hand over the helm?

If the passing on of the helm did not work and I needed it for the
achievment, I wouldn't pass it on for any money you'd offer. If I already
had the achievment, I wouldn't roll for it in the first place.

If I needed the achievment and the helm could be passed on after wearing and
I won the roll, I'd equip it and then hand it on to somebody for free.

Ditto. The people I want to pay not to Need it are ones who aren't
going for the achievement.

 On the Blizzard boards, some people are saying they'd offer 25k for
 the horseman's mount, and others are saying they wouldn't take it.

I wouldn't pay that much and if I won it in a fair roll I wouldn't sell it,
no matter for which amount. Though 25k might tempt me, that would mean the
mammoth-with-vendors + change instead of the mount :-)

Same. It's a seriously cool mount though.