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I was listening to "the Instance" podcast and they mentioned that with
the last patch, they added an animation for when hunters feed their
pet. Apparently when I as a hunter feeds my pet, I throw the food to
it and he grabs it and chomps on it. I'm dying to get home to see
this for myself. Too bad with the previous patch you don't have to
feed your pet, but it should be fun to watch. I'm dying to get home so
I can try this myself.

Interesting. I haven't seen this yet, but then again I haven't been
looking for it. And it wasn't the previous patch

Yes, it was. Except it wasn't mentioned in the official patch notes.

If you check
you'll find:


* Pets
* The hunter will now visibly throw its pet a given food item when
feeding via item-on-portrait or via Feed Pet. This does not apply
to pure buff items such as Sporeling Snacks or Kibler's Bits. Only
food items.


Sorry, obviously I wasn't clear about what I meant ;-/ I meant that
the lack of necessity to feed the pet was from the WotLK patch, not
the feeding animation. I apologize for the confusion :-(

I'm glad you brought that up.

My hunter just tamed Oloh from King Jokkum a couple of days ago (and it
was just WAY to easy). Anyway, Oloh seems to need food all the time when
running around town. My hunter's cat seems to rarely eat and if it needs
food he just throws a few heals on the cat. Oloh seems to need many
heals so he just collected some salted venison for the old wolf. The cat
and Oloh have nearly the same talent points, and both are level 80.
Weird, I hope he gets over his appetite soon.

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