Re: What stats for a levelling (level 74) shadow priest?

On Fri, 02 Oct 2009 05:04:44 GMT, Ashen Shugar wrote:
I think it was Urbin <urbin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> that wrote something

As I now have a dual spec (shadow + holy) I guess it would make sense to
stack up on +spi (or +mp5 while it still exists) for the holy spec, but is
that now also a valid stat for shadow priests? Or what should I focus on,
with my mana deficiencies in mind?

Thanks for any input.

I think you should focus on not forgetting to use Vampiric Touch. ;p

As another poster just made me realise, I mis-wrote. Vampiric Touch is my
opener, not VE. Duh. Too dumb to know my spell names :)

The changes to it when WotLK came around from all I could tell were
more of a nerf until you got a bigger mana pool but it should still

Yes. It seems it now only works after an additional Mindblast, a spell which
I had replaced with VT previous to WotLK because MB just is not mana

And from what I've seen, it's the highest damage per tick DoT
you have. So, a rotation while solo'ing might be something like VT,
MB, MF, MF then perhaps another MB.

My very first rotation used to be: MB, SW:P, MF, MF, MB, I later changed
that to VT, SW:P, MF, MF, SW:D

It seems that you are not using SW:P at all? That would certainly be a first
on my shadow priest, somehow I felt obliged to use the spell that defined my
build name :-) As far as I can see, it offers a much better DPM than MB,
although of course only MB triggers VT nowadays...

I'll try that.

Personally, I ended up not bothering with using a shield a lot during my
leveling up through TBC. You might take a few hits, but you could get
that life back from VE during the next fight, especially if you do use
shield just for that one fight.

I have tried running without a shield, using the combination of VE and DP
instead. I manage to end the fight at 100% health (just like my warlock),
but at 60% mana (totally unlike my warlock :-).

Also, my main reason for shielding is not so much health but MF-push back.
If I am being hit on by more than one mob, I only get 2 out of 3 MF ticks.

Don't be afraid to use aggressive fearing.

Uhm. In Northrend where every mob and their mother are undead? At least it
seems to be the case much more often than in BC where every mob and their
mother was a demon :-)

SPriests have a talent or two which puts spirit to good use, so when
you can get gear that has spirit as well as spell power and intellect,
(and crit. And hit rating) it's a good thing. : )

But if I had to decide between SPI, SP and INT, which way would you order
the three?

But I wouldn't worry about it too much just yet. Don't forget to use
your mana fiend and dispersion regularly. You can still loot while
dispersed don't forget! ; )

*redfaced* I didn't actually get Dispersion (it's the 51 shadow talent,
right? because it sounded like not all that great a thing. I'll certainly
need to re-read that then). A shame I just spent my talent point for level
74, so I'll have to wait for a level...

Thanks a lot for your input.


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