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Let me tell you, you haven't missed a thing.

There were various reps to grind:
- four main factions of your side (alliance or horde): questing until all
quests were done, then an endless turn-in of expensive rune cloth, of
course you could decide to *grind* for the runecloth yourself
only during BC did the low level quests give non-reduced rep

Also it was only in TBC when repgains were increased, used to be most
quests gave 50-100 rep, not the 250 they give nowadays. So it required
one heck of a lot of runecloth, unlike the stuation nowadays where just
doing Loewmaster achievements will get you exalted with 3-4 factions and
only needing a few stacks of cloth for whatever remains.

- Timbermaw Hold: an endless grind even to get enough rep to go through the
tunnels, on each char (not like doing two normal quests today) and then
it was killing thousands if not ten thousands of furbolgs
only towards the end of BC did they change grey mobs giving diminished rep

Yep, again each mob gave much less rep, also at first there wasn't even
the beads turnin available (believe at that point it wasn't even
possible to get past revered? Except maybe by killing the named mobs
over and over again?)

- Thorium Brohterhood: without a gathering profession (or huge expenses at
the AH) the only way to improve rep with them was drops from molten core

Yup, even now it's not easy tbh, you have to spend a lot on the AH since
the dark iron ore rep only got increased a little, so it's much more
efficient to use the MC drops. But back in the day of course you had to
be in a raiding guild to even get said drops, at least nowadays they're
on the AH a lot, but most classes at 80 can solo at least some of the

- Hydraxians: apart from a few 2-rep mobs in Silithus (which weren't even
there to start with) the only way to gain rep is molten core runs

Still is tbh, although on looking at wowhead the Silithus mobs seem to
give rep for longer than I thought they did, might go and kill those for
a bit since it's one of the actions I miss.

Just a few examples of pre-BC rep grinds. If you were raiding, the
Hydraxians were probably the easiest as you would have easily gotten exalted
with them just from running MC a gazillion times. For us non-raiders,
impossible to attain.

Yup, same deal with Brood of Nozdormu rep and kinda with Cenarion Circle
- nowadays you can just farm twilight texts and that was possible back
then too, BUT the mobs gave far less rep, as did the turnins. Also I
think the summonable elementals from the wind stones were elite then so
you needed a friend to help if you wanted to do them.

In addition, a lot of the good high end crafting recipes were faction
rewards from some of these factions (Thorium Brotherhood and Timbermaw Hold
comes to mind), so if you wanted to be a high level enchanter or tailor with
good recipes, there was no way around the grind.

Argh yes, Zandalar tribe also, if you didn't farm ZG, tough luck, you're
missing a lot of recipes.

But there were still factions that could only be advanced by running the
same few dungeons over and over again.

The tabard system is fantastic compared to that, used to be so annoying
having to find groups for the same instance I needed nothing from, just
to get some rep. Especially when it came to the faction that every
healer wants for their head enchant (Honor Hold/Thrallmar), because
since most people hated Shattered Halls the LFG tool always contained
3-4 healers and nothing else...

I find that dailies are a great way to gain rep and money (though I accept
not everyone likes them), especially as they are something I can do on days
where I only have 20-30 minutes to play. That is usually enough to do the
dailies for the faction I'm currently working on.

Agreed, I love gaining money at the same time as rep and dailies may get
boring after a while but they sure beat mindlessly grinding the same
mobs for hours on end, or else being forced to try to find a group for
one specific instance/raid.

What I'd rather see is some kind of rep-propagation to alts. I am happily
willing to grind all factions to exalted on my main (because I'm a
completionist). However, I don't really feel like repeating that for each of
my alts just so they can learn certain recipes or head enchants. Bringing a
certain faction to exalted on my alt instead of my main is not an option
either, because my main is... er... my main.

Yeah I'd agree there, I tend to just go for the most useful reps on my
alts but it gets a bit tedious repeating the same grinds just for
recipes or rewards. Hence my druid still not having the Sons of Hodir
exalted enchant... I'm almost there but argh.

So ideally, I would like to see some system similar to the cold weather
flying tome that would allow a level 80 char that has a faction at exalted
buy a BoA item from that faction to pass it on to his alts to allow them a
massively quicker rep grind for that rep. Whether this item could be passed
on to a second (and third) alt once the alt is also at exalted or whehter
the item would be consumed like the tome would be a detail to decide.
However, such a system would really help to allow alts to learn reputation
dependent recipes the main already has the rep for. Or make those recipes
BoA instead of BoP so the alt would not need to bother with the rep because
the main could get the recipes for them but still not be able to trade them
on the AH (a limitation I can undersand and accept).

That would be a nice solution indeed, my main has the rep for pretty
much every recipe in the game, but a profession which hasn't got many
reputation-based recipes (Jewelcrafting, only some BC factions have
recipes and no vanilla ones), while my alts are all missing most the
reputation-based recipes.
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