Re: Where to for 31 character?

Yeechang Lee <ylee@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I have an Alliance druid that just turned 31 via Ashenvale. As I've posted a few
times before I hate repeating content, so I'd like to avoid going
through Stranglethorn Vale again. I also want to save Arathi Highlands
for another character now 27.[1] Does Desolace contain enough
quests to get me to 40? If not, would Desolace plus Dustwallow Marsh
get me to 45?

[1] Kind of stuck, actually. She's down to one red-level quest in
Wetlands, which will wrap up that zone. I think Thousand Needles is my
best bet to get me to 30+ efficiently while not having me see content
I'd rather save for another Alliance character.

Desolace + Dustwallow should get you at least MOST of the way to 45, if not
all the way. Dustwallow has a lot of quests since they did the expansion of
it a few patches ago. (Having just recently completed Loremaster, I did
them on my 80 hunter. When I levelled through Dustwallow the first time,
most of that content did not exist.)

You may now be a bit high for the few alliance quests in Stonetalon, but
don't skip them. Do them before you get to Desolace.

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