Re: LFM daily HC, need to be full epic...

On Aug 24, 3:01 pm, "Shammy" <n...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
... and ofcourse pve epics preferably ulduar level.

I really dont understand people who require that.
I got to lvl 80 with my druid 3 weeks ago and atm I have all pvp gear / WG
gear you can buy with all pvp enchants/gems, he is a pvp healing druid.
I'm doing heroics with my friends and mostly we are in 4, we do TOC but we
also did halls of stone, gundrak and many more. I have no problem healing
those and I rarely even use innervate (used it maybe 2 times). In all
instances but TOC I dont even use 50% mana ever...

So why do people require absurd gear for all places where not only you can
do really well in pvp gear but you can do them in pvp gear and in 4 people
total without any problems?

Btw my druid has 2000 SP, 16000 mana (got the +int trinket from TOC now) and
about 270 mana regen while casting, that with innervate on 3 min CD is more
than enough for heroics but many people would kick me from a group...

What weapon are you using? I'm using a blue mace still (can't recall
where it dropped). My resto druid has a combination of PvP and PvE
gear, mostly epic and I only have about 1680 SP in tree form. My regen
is pretty good though, maybe I should swap some out for SP.