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As header - - -I haven't done any bg to date but now need to armor up :)
I notice the dealer in Dalaran requires those emblems and I don't have
ny - - of course :)
How do you go about getting one - - - or more - - ( I should be so lucky)
I am Alliance Hunter btw.

Most of the emblems are not battleground. If you are talking about
Emblems of Conquest and Emblems of Triumph, then you get those by
doing level 80 instances. Emblems of Honor are no longer given out, but
you can convert the Conquest and Triumph emblems to them. You get extra
Emblems by doing the daily instance quests from the quest givers in
Violet Hold. You get Emblems of Conquest from regular instances and
Emblems of Triumph from heroic instances.

Honor Points, Wintergrasp Marks, and other battleground marks and
rewards are earned in the battlegrounds. You just talk to the
battleground masters to enter the battleground. Wintergrasp only runs
once every 2 1/2 hours, but the others are much more frequent.
Naturally, Wintergrasp Marks are the most valuable. Stone Shards may be
earned in both instances and by doing quests in Wintergrasp.

You also earn points in the Arenas which enable you to buy special
Arena items from the vendors there. Talk to the Arena masters.

Don't worry too much about battlegrounds. Most of them are pretty
chaotic and it can a little unnerving just trying to figure out what is
going on the first few times you go, but you pick it up quickly enough.
Be sure to go for some of the achievements, such as Make Love, Not
Warcraft. You get more award points for being on the winning side
rather than the losing side, but either way it is a lot of fun. You die
a lot, but you take no damage from it. Eventually you learn how to stay
alive longer and get better at ambushing your enemies.

If you go to Wintergrasp as a Hunter, you might try hopping aboard a
friendly Wintergrasp Demolisher siege engine as it passes by. You can
fire from inside the side buckets of these engines and you get a great
deal of protection from the buckets. Multi-shot does wonders against
those crowds of enemies trying to squeeze through the breaches in the
walls, plus your siege engine driver probably appreciates having
someone who can do AoE attacks against the players attacking his
machine. I love sitting in those buckets as a mage and raining Blizzard
down on dozens of enemies. (Which ought to tell you: the fact that
there are so many players who fall for such an obvious attack means
that there are a lot of inexperienced players in the battlegrounds. It
only took me a few battles before I was maxed out on honor points. I am
really lousy at individual PvP, but mages rule the battlegrounds.)
Otherwise, if you are not attached to a siege engine, you will find
that you are at your most effective taking out enemy siege engines.
Enemy players often resurrect too fast to make it worthwhile spending a
lot of time on them.

Excellent post.
You can redeem honor points in Stormwind from Captain Dirgehammer:
and Knight-Lieutenant Moonstrike:

If you go arena, you can see Lieutenant Tristia:

Hypanthia, Night Elf, Shadow Priest, Enchantress/Herbalist.
Cowpattee, Tauren, Druid, Enchantress/Herbalist.