Re: Some Alchemy CDs Gone Bye-Bye?

Villy Vonka <news@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in news:cfdacc61-bf77-4cee-b1d2-

The new epic gem transmutes have turned what was a very poor choice of
mastery into a very attractive one. My mage alt was a transmute
master at 70 but switched to elixirs at 80, as I was disappointed both
by the proc rate and value of the transmutation endproducts. However,
since 3.2 he has paid to relearn the transmute specialism and I
haven't regretted it. Has anyone else with transmute mastery noticed
a very tasty proc rate? In just over a week I have had three big
procs, the first was five Majestic Zircons, the second four King's
Amber and the third four Cardinal Ruby. If I wasn't planning on
actually using those gems I'd be rolling in it...

Nice. I have transmuted 5 times (I have not played everyday since the
patch), and it procced once : I get two jewel (don't remember which it