Re: Rethinking my unholy DK

"ToolPackinMama" <philnblanc@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

He popped a point in Unholy blight, and although I don't fully understand
why that is good, I did the same.

It's good because he's a raider, likely one with high end gear. A high end
gear DK's death coil will be doing like 1.5k damage or more. This means the
dot it applies does 30 dps. Not much, but, the dot stacks up to 10 times.
This means for long raid boss fights, you can end up with a dot that does
300 dps. Personally, I don't think you need it if you're just doing regular

I paid for pale horse and ghoul frenzy by leaving reaping blank.

Reaping is a key talent in his build, without it, you can't use your main
attack nearly as much.

I swallowed hard at leaving magic suppression blank, but I must admit it
is nice to get the four points back for some of the frost tree goodies. I
still have strangulate and anti-magic shield.

Personally, I never put points in Magic Supression anyways. And don't
forget, besides Strangulate and Anti-Magic Shield, you also have Mind Freeze
and Death Grip, which can both be used as interrupts as well.

I also left improved unholy presence blank for now. I never use unholy
presence. It's frost or blood for me. I don't need the movement speed
increase - I have haste on my weapons and that's good enough.

Haste has absolutely nothing to do with movement speed. It increases your
attack speed, and reduces the global cooldown on your skills. Personally I
wouldn't get Improved Unholy Presence either, but for someone who likes
movement speed increases enough to get Pale Horse(which I got) I figured
you'd want it.

The frost tree had some really nice things in it that I appreciate. I
differed with the guy above about a couple of things. He left nerves of
cold steel blank but I DISAGREE and I put three points in it. I left icy
reach blank *and* left a couple of points out of black ice to pay for

If I was dual wielding I'd definitely want NOCS as well.

The suggested rotation with the above uses obliterate a lot, which I admit
I hardly ever used before. I have to get used to using it. But with 3
points in frost tree's Annihilation, it doesn't consume the diseases.

If you plan on using Obi a lot, you'll need Reaping.


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