Re: What add-ons are working?

Urbin wrote:
On Sat, 8 Aug 2009 18:07:26 +1200, Jamie Kahn Genet wrote:
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On Sat, 8 Aug 2009 09:40:31 +1200, Jamie Kahn Genet wrote:
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Urbin wrote:
- Fubar_QuestFu (replace some constants - still has some problems
but onyl with features I don't use)
Last night I spent 1h and I replaced all fubar finally with broker.
Fubar seems mostly abbandoned and many plugins I used were not updated
since TBC so I swiched to broker. I got all from wowinterface and it
seems having MUCH more plugins than fubar and a lot more updated. Have
a look.
Yeah, I use all LDB stuff now as well and find it much better with many
more modules available.
I just investet some time and have relaced all but 3 fubar plugins with
broker addons, using chocloate bar and can still use the 3 fubar ones thanks
to fubar2broker.
You know I never could get fubar2broker working... but I suspect that
was just something very odd with my setup.

Thanks for making me take the time to look into this :-)
NP and let us know what you pick :-)

Well, after using the broker addons for some time I have gone back to Fubar.

My first impression was very good, but in the end I was missing key
features, mainly the fact that most broker plugins cannot be configured
through right clicking on them.

I think that the main idea behind LDB addons is small and unconfigurable - it does what it does and if you don't like it look for another one. I had a problem when I switched to LDB that was caused by this. I had five or six of each addon type, I added them to my LDB bar and disabled the ones that I didn't like. This left me with a lot of Money addons, a lot of XP addons etc and it was another task to go through the addon list and work out which were in use and which could be deleted. It took me a good number of weeks before I finally got around to it.

Then, most of the ones I found did not offer
all of the key features I liked about my fubar plugins (MoneyFu keeps track
of money across all accounts; PerformanceFu can be configured through the
menu, DurabilityFu does auto repair without asking me). Then, some of the
replacements didn't work (Trace CD), Broker_uClock and Broker_Clock come
without an Alarm, Broker_GarbageFu needs too much space. So I tried the old
Fubar Addons using Fubar2Broker but half of them don't work or don't work
properly. In the end I went back to Fubar and as all of the ones I need are
working I think I'll stick with them for a while.

I did manage to find LDB plugins for almost all the Fubar plugins that I cared about.

One that I didn't find a replacement for was FarmerFu but I wasn't all that bothered about that and now MSBT does something similar in that it tells you how many of an item you have when you loot one. It was good enough for me when I was recently farming Thick Leather and Scorpid Scales for a set of Tough Scorpid Scale armour for my low 40s hunter.

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