Re: What add-ons are working?

On Sat, 8 Aug 2009 09:40:31 +1200, Jamie Kahn Genet wrote:
Shammy <none@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Out of my 185 addons all but a handful broke and most of those have
been updated.

187 here :)

The following needed some hands-on work by myself:
- Postal (remove a no longer existing secure function)

I get postal errors too.

continues to work, though the autocomplete has been taken over by
Blizzard's which is nowhere near as good.

Postal still works flawlessly for getting all mail (or just AH expiries

Sendself still works flawlessly for auto compelte.

- Fubar_QuestFu (replace some constants - still has some problems but onyl
with features I don't use)

Last night I spent 1h and I replaced all fubar finally with broker. Fubar
seems mostly abbandoned and many plugins I used were not updated since TBC
so I swiched to broker. I got all from wowinterface and it seems having MUCH
more plugins than fubar and a lot more updated. Have a look.

Yeah, I use all LDB stuff now as well and find it much better with many
more modules available.

I just investet some time and have relaced all but 3 fubar plugins with
broker addons, using chocloate bar and can still use the 3 fubar ones thanks
to fubar2broker.

Thanks for making me take the time to look into this :-)


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