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"Catriona R" <catrionarNOSPAM@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
What if you already done that? :-P I'm sitting on 14-15k on my main, got
the 75 pets acheivement,

But, there's a lot more than 75 pets in the game, a true collector won't
stop at just getting the achievement. I for example, am at 77, and am
currently stalking the rare raptors for their pets, heh.

got 77 mounts and counting (all the buyable
ones, need lucky drops etc now),

That is inconvenient. Thought there was more buyable ones than 77 though,

got highest possible riding skill on
all alts, got all professions that interest me to 440+, there's not much
else to do!

I suppose if you've got all that done, there really isn't much else to do
with it.

Well, there are the three levels of Dalaran rings that cost 1250g each,
(making it 3750 to get the best one), there is Harris Pilton's Gigantique
Bag at 1200g, all of which is probably petty cash with 180k gold :)

Then you can buy yourself to exalted with some factions, though IIRC
Catriona has all those at exalted anyway (but then she's not the one with
180k, she is at a meagre 42k :)

Urbin, with 23k across all chars, still without many mounts (espeically the
expensive ones) and quite happy despite this.

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