Re: Another unpleasant PUG experience

On 7 Aug 2009 08:28:46 GMT, Urbin <urbin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Just thought I'd share this as it's something I haven't heard of yet.

I spent most of wednesday night fixing my addons and doing the new
tournament dailies once, so going to the new 5 man instance wasn't even an
issue that night. Last night I logged on slightly too late as those guildies
not on the Ulduar raid were already in the coliseum and we weren't enough to
start a second run.

So when I see somebody looking for 2 more DD I whispered them to say I was
game (my PUG experiences though sometimes hairy are on average still
positive). Before they respond they say "we're full now" so I fly towards WG
to finish up on my remaining two weekly quests. When I'm almost there I get
invited so I turn around my flyer and head towards the colliseum and tell
them I'll be there in a minute. I notice we're only 4 people, so I assume
there is no rush.

The inviter then asks, who had already been in the instance, and I was the
only one that hadn't seen it yet. She then tells me that I should leave
because it would slow them down too much if she had to explain every
encounter to me. I almost fell of my gryphon. I'm seconds away from
arriving, we're still missing a fifth person but I would slow them down
because I do not yet know the instance on the second day it is available.

I told them what I thought of it, left, put her on ignore and posted a
warning in /general which prompted two others to say the same thing had
happened to them only minutes earlier.

Some people....

What a joke... but entirely believeable, a lot of people are like that,
sadly. All I can say is, if they're so elitist they want to be like
that, what are they doing looking for pugs anyway, don't they have
elitist friends they can group with? Or are they just incapable of
making any friends with that attitude...
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