Re: What add-ons are working?

On Wed, 05 Aug 2009 12:58:43 -0400, ToolPackinMama wrote:
If you are using an add-on that works with the new patch, please tell us
what it is.

Out of my 185 addons all but a handful broke and most of those have already
been updated.

The following needed some hands-on work by myself:
- Postal (remove a no longer existing secure function)
- various addons: replace GetDifficultyColour with GetQuestDifficultyColout
- Routes (add early exit for new zone north of Icecrown)
- Fubar_QuestFu (replace some constants - still has some problems but onyl
with features I don't use)

- WG Commander is broken so badly I just removed it for the time being.
- Lifestock works but does not summon a flying mount in WG.
- Cartographer works but shows an empty map on the new (Hrotghar Island?)
zone (but then it's always shown an empty map in WG, not that I know why)

I'm actually positively surprised how well things go.


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