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On Wed, 05 Aug 2009 15:35:43 +0200, Thomas Jespersen
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Catriona R wrote: people make throwaway alts on random servers when their main one
isn't up after a patch? Every available server in Europe has a queue of
3.5k+ right now, some as high as 12k... all because of 10 million lvl 1s
or lvl 55 deathknights appearing. Feel very sorry for the poor people
who play on the servers that are actually up, having to see queues like
that before they can get into their own server - Draenor isn't up atm so
I was going to check out one of my old alts but... not sitting through
that kind of crazy queue!

Just tried logging in after seeing this. Now the realm-list writes
"Locked" under population for every realm. I guess it means that I
cannot create a new character, just first time I even seen it.

Yeah, you can select the locked realms but get put in a massive queue.
Seems more servers are up now, including Draenor but... the login
server's falling over under the strain so I'm having some trouble
getting to the character list ;-) Times like this you realise just how
many people must play this game, when so many are trying to get in at
once, at a time when a lot must surely be at work too!
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