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I keep reading the importance of HIT rating. However, virtually not
elemental shammie gear comes with HIT -- Usually SP and HASTE. It's
enhanced gear that has HIT.

I am wondering if I should take SP over HIT.

Just playing with my current DPS and Healing gear, I can get:

2068 SP 254 Hit; OR
1933 SP 318 Hit

I have several places where I could replace +8 HIT gems with +19 SP.

Is increasing HIT better than than increasing SP? If so, by how much..

In general, you want +hit over any other stat UP TO THE HIT CAP.

The hit cap for spellcasters is, IIRC, 17%, so between gear, talents, and
buffs*, you need enough hit to add up to 17% in order to not miss on level
80 raid bosses.

*(I personallly don't like to rely on buffs as part of my +hit strategy, but
up to the point you can do it all with gear and talents, it can be a useful
gap filler.)

Once you hit hte hit cap, any extra hit over that amount is wasted and
gives you absolutely no benefit.  One of the things you end up juggling
while gearing up is trying to get right up to the hit cap without going
over any more than necessary.

My pally needs 18% hit and then it is wasted.

I don't know what spec you're talking about but I believe that most
Paladin attacks are based on the melee attack table and so the hit cap
would be 8%. Holy Shock will be on the spell attack table and need 17%
hit to be capped but I'm not sure that Shockadin is still a viable

Not for instance play. Its my holy pally's biggest hitter while
soloing and has few problem, but overall DPS way below what needed for