Re: Rogue advice for someone who's never touched one?

gb2500@xxxxxxxxxxx (Gary Blount) wrote in news:1j37qc6.2x5fck1b2uffsN%

At level 20 (or a bit after by the time you do the quests) you get
access to poisons. The most important part of this (apart from the
increased damage) is the crippling poison which stops humanoid mobs
from running away to get their friends. Around the same time you also
get Vanish which enables you to normally escape when things go bad.

Once you get both those abilities they are a lot easier to play ...
but still my least favourite class. I guess I'm just not a sneaky
type person.

My Rogue is level 17 and it's hard work trying to progress him any

Where are you questing with him?
At the moment he's in silverpine Forest level 19 now, and struggling.
The quests remaining in Silverpine are quite tough, and he's finding it
hard to get to level 20. Still, we're struggling on with him, and i
hope to get there in the next 24 hours.

You could go to another zone and find more easy quests, like in the blood
elf starting zone (if you have Burning crusade). There is an orb that will
teleport you to Silvermoon in the courtyard of Undercity. Or you can take
the zeppelin in front of Undercity to Kalimdor. There should be a quest in
Silverpine that send you to the crossroad.