Re: how much DPS should my hunter be doing?

Brent Stroh <bmstroh@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Wombatt <echinacea100@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

i dont really hurt for mana though cause i switch to viper when
terminally low then back to raptor

I was taking a hunter through the mid-40s and finally decided to just leave
Viper up constantly to minimize downtime. Killing may be slower without
the bonus, but 1 second more per mob feels faster than 10 seconds of
downtime. Unless I'm attacking a group or pick up adds, Viper seems fine.
I can't burn mana fast enough to run out...

I actually did the same thing through most of Northrend. Of course, I was
wearing all T5+ epics from TBC, so the 40%dps nerf didn't hurt me nearly as
much as someone who was using actual Northrend greens.

At endgame though, learning to do the "Viper dance" is a skill hunters
really need to work on.

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