Re: Rogue advice for someone who's never touched one?

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How on earth do people level them? I'm at 12 and just die and die and
die some more whenever there's more than one mob and I'm out of potions.
I can't even gouge mobs have the time - it just misses. Or if it does I
have time for maybe a third of a bandage. Useless :-( I HAVE to be
playing him wrong. They cannot be this unplayable.

It's never seemed that hard to me really, just pick your fights
carefully (so you don't get multiple mobs, rogues are useless with adds)
and make sure you have decent quality weapons all the time - rogues are
VERY weapon dependent.

From 10 (when you get Stealth) to about level 20 or 22 (as pointed out
below) it *was* slow, and I had to pick my fights carefully. As I
remember it, I'd stealth in, and open with the minor stun move. *Much*
later, I'd build up combo points so that I could hit the major stun
when the mob came out of the first stun, but not at those levels,
especially against humanoids (or Murlocs).

Actually you don't learn the stun from stealth until lvl 28, unless you
mean you opened with gouge? As I always level combat swords so no dagger
for ambush, I just stealth up, pickpocket and then open with sinister
strike at those levels, since there's no other choice (Garotte always
feels a bit pointless to me, just means you can't use gouge while it's
up), if the mob doesn't have pockets and isn't a caster I tend to pull
it using my ranged weapon.

Against any "runners" you
want to save that second stun until they're below half-health (you'll
get a feel for it), to the point where you can kill them before they
come out of the stun. This will eliminate the problem of their
bringing friends, and if you picked your fight at the right place
you'll have at *most* one other mob on you.

I actually rarely do that since you learn crippling poison before you
learn either stun (as I recall, cheap shot is 28, kidney shot 30, or
something similar - I started levelling a horde rogue a2-3 months ago,
bit stuck in the 40s at the moment but I remember the stuns came a lot
later than I'd thought before). When I'm fighting mobs I know can run I
just put criplling poison on my (fast) offhand and it almost always hits
before they run, so I only stun if I can't see the poison debuff on the
mob. Below lvl 20 when you learn poisons, you need to be good at timing
Gouge so it hits right when they decide to run, then you have to let
energy regenerate so you can quickly burst them down before they get too

I also found little use for Gouge, except in PvP, and it's not all
that useful there ;-(

Gouge's use is as a spell interrupt before you've learned Kick (of if
kick is on cooldown and you're desperate) and can occasionally be timed
right to stop a mob running, but really... I very very rarely use it.
The stuns and Blind are moch better, just you learn all those 20+ levels
later than Gouge.
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