Re: Wintergrasp changes in 3.2

DarkRose <swaims@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in news:4eb2de02-d516-461f-b4b2-

Meh, I just hate it because if I log on and see we have WG, I'll go
farm to get Eternal Fires... usually right up until the battle starts,
now it's gonna dump me out 15 minutes early, 15 minutes I could be
farming fires, or shadows, or whichever.. I usually just leave when
the battle starts, or stay in the background and distract allies, lol.
If I've got 3 or 4 on me, they're not on the people actually trying to
win, joke's on them!

So the trick is to start queuing for WG when you want to farm there.

Maybe PvP should only be available on PvP realms.