Re: account

Catriona R <catrionarNOSPAM@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Well yeah I have an authenticator and I'm not that concerned, it's just
that that is the *only* thing the accounts seem to do. Zero
benefit and a potential negative... I don't get why there's any reason
at all to upgrade?

I believe that once you have all your accounts under one
account, you can switch to a different WoW account's toon in game
without having to log in again. If you switch between your WoW
accounts often, this may save you some time.

The main reason I'm avoiding it is because, for my multi-boxing
login, it will add an extra step (that of chooseing which WoW account
I want), which i'll have to do manually in each of my 5 windows. Not a
big deal, but it's still one more step.

Sooner or later we'll *have* to move to a account, anyway.
I can see the advantages, particularly when Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2
are out.

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