Re: Upcoming Mount Changes - Patch 3.2

On Sat, 13 Jun 2009 07:49:49 -0700 (PDT), Tim <timber271@xxxxxxxxx>

For those who object to mounts at lower levels, Blizz should add a
couple of new achievements:

Don't use a mount until level 40.

Don't use an epic mount until level 60.

Players obessed with achievements would have to postpone using mounts
until the old levels to get the achievements.

I think its great. I have a lvl 50 BE warlock who would love the
faster speed. Glad she can get a chicken and not have to do that god
awful dreadsteed quest. In 10 lvls she can get flight. Now she can
fly to her quests.

What can be bad about that. If you don't like the fact just don't get
your mounts and let us who would like it a bit easier to enjoy.

I can remember when the ogres around that castle in arathi highlands
were elites. Also all the dark elves around uldaman were all elites.
now they are just regular joes. The game is a whole lot easier than