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Will in New Haven <bill.reich@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Isn't that pretty much true of everything "here." I took a free look
around WoW and I figured I would read this newsgroup and let the
people here convince me that I was wrong. But the game is truly
uninteresting, unexiting and unchallenging. Why people prefer it to
face to face roleplaying is beyond me.

I won't say that I prefer WoW to D&D (or any other RPG), but it can be
more accessible. I don't have to commit 3-6 hours if I don't want to, or
even get out of my PJs. Nobody has to take the time to design the

I find WoW to complement pencil and paper games, rather than replace
them. There's a group I play WoW with on Fridays and D&D on Sundays,
because each game offers something different.

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