Re: Mouse moving and keybinding

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Please note... my answers are mainly user interface and mouse mover
answers, not answers from an experienced Arena player.


A while ago, I asked in this group for some advice on switching from
using WASDQE for movement to using the mouse, as well as using
keybindings for casting rather than clicking. I gave up at the time
because it was proving very difficult for me to adjust from QE to AD
for strafing and not having, what I felt, as much control over my

I'm now forcing it on myself, playing many battlegrounds this weekend
with keybinds for major skills (including Q and E). Slowly I'm getting
used to it. One bit of advice I found helpful was to not try bind
everything at once, so I'm now in the habit of (resto druid):

(all on target unless mentioned)

Personally, I only have offensive abilities keybound. The rest are on
Grid+Clique key combos.

Alt+any is self cast. This I'm not sure about. It's very helpful,
without having to change my target to heal myself, but the alt key is
the easiest modifier for me to access, so I'm not sure if I should be
putting it to better use (though keeping myself alive is pretty good
use imo).

What do you self cast? You said that you use Grid+Clique to heal so you
might as well use that to heal yourself. I use Grid+Clique for all
heals and heal-like spells and I use it to cast on myself whether I'm in
a group or not.

Well, to me that almost defeats the point of mouse-moving and
keybinds. If I have to use the cursor to click my unit frame (shift
+left click is lifebloom, etc) then I don't have full mouse-moveable
control over my character. I've always used alt+<anything> to self
cast spells, including clicking the action bar. So moving with the
mouse with the ability to alt+Q to rejuv myself seems better than
moving with the keys while targetting my unit frame to 'clique' it.

If you get an action bar addon like Macaroon you can set up the buttons
in a configuration that looks like your keyboard and use it as a visual
reminder as to what button does what. This is how my buttons are set:

That is rather nice and I've been meaning to try it, but so much
change just makes me confused and I end up giving up. I use BarTender4
at the moment, but after reading your and Urbin's post the other day
recommending Macaroon I downloaded it and tried it out. Problem is, I
needed to relearn how to configure the bars and I seem to spend half
my WoW times these days learning addons rather than playing, so I put
it off for another day.

This then allows you to use Alt, Shift and Ctrl to switch toolbars so
that you also get a visual reminder as to what shift-Q, ctrl-E etc
do.... you press shift and the action bar button that Q activates
changes to indicate what shift-Q does. I find it very useful...
especially so because I have so many alts.

Yes, very nice.

So, very limited subset at the moment, I'm still clicking for other
stuff, which I need to get sorted asap. Changing forms is a big one,
warstomp, faerie fire, natures swiftness + healing touch macro, etc.

You can have all those bound with the method I gave above but you'd have
to make sure that emergency actions are easier to remember -
particularly the less used emergency actions. I've died on my Mage
looking for the Ice Block key (a little used action on a little played
alt). :)

Yup, I've still got plenty of key real estate left. I can bind 3, 4
and 5 (*), as well as shift/ctrl modifiers + keys above giving me lots
of options. For example, ctrl+c will probably become my PvP trinket,
for obvious reasons.

also use grid+clique so use this to heal in battlegrounds as it's much
much faster than targetting then healing even if using keybinds.

I'd bind that Nature's Swiftness + Healing Touch to Grid+Clique too.

I never have, but that was silly/lazy of me.

I still have questions on a few issues though, I will try to make
sense of my ramblings, some apply to arena only. The highest rating I
ever got to in arena was only 1650 in TBC. I was a clicker, so perhaps
it's time to up my game.

1) I miss my F=assist key. F is extemely nice to keybind to a useful
spell since it's an easy key to reach, but I did use F to assist quite
a lot. For example, instead of relying on grid (*) in heavy activity
in battlegrounds, I could tab target the enemy players, finding if
their target was taking heavy damage, F to assist and then focus my
heals. I suppose there are ways around this. Anyone else use assist,
but have F bound to something else?

It's not something that I do.... I just use Grid+Clique to heal.

You don't need to assist to heal your target's target - you can show the
target of target frame and use Clique to cast on that.

Yes, that's the other option, but again the point applies, I might
want to be using my mouse to move and turn while targetting someone
and using keybinds to heal them.

2) What sort of macros should I be using in arena? Should I have the
primary keys macro'd to heal my team mate so I don't have to target
him to do so? Who should I be using focus on? I seem to recall seing
some addons which would automatically put the enemy unit frames on the
screen somewhere, as well as their cast bars, for easier targetting,
cc, etc. Do these type of addons exist?

I'd look atwww.arenajunkies.comfor macros - they sometimes have some
good ones.

Check, though was hoping some arena oriented person here could say so.
You're right though, the druid forum on arenajunkies would be better.

Proximo is one and it was last updated in November. ProximoGrid is
another that claims to be a mix of Proximo and Grid.

One thing to note about these is that they don't work for targets that
you haven't seen before you start combat because of the in-combat
restrictions implemented by Blizzard. I think that they show the new
targets but you can't target them by clicking on the addon.

Thanks, I will try them.

3) Targetting. What's the easiest way to do this? I have nameplates on
of course, but even so it's not always easy to pick out the target I
want quickly.

I don't target friends except with Grid and I tab target enemies mostly.

4) Mouse moving is still a bit of a pain. I don't feel like I have as
much control over my character as I did when using WASDQE (combined
with the mouse). It's Q + E that I miss. I hope this will come with
practice and experience. For example, in AV when running up the spiral
ramps in the Horde towers, I run out of desk/real estate for my mouse
half and have to execute a quick "lift and shift" of the mouse to
continue turning. It feels unnatural and silly. I've tried increasing
my mouse sensitivity, which results in more awkward flipping around.
Is the key the mouse sensitivity (needs to be high), or am I missing
another way? Moving along narrow edges too gives me trouble at the
moment, I don't have the control and often make a mistake and end up

Yeah, I had the same issues when I replaced the turning keys with
strafing keys. You get used to it and I don't think that you can avoid
the "lift and shift".


5) Related to (2), macros. I find if I have no target, I will
sometimes press Q or E by mistake while moving and my cursor then
changes to the hand (to target someone to cast on). Is this fine, or
should I be using macros which will : "Cast on target if I have one,
if not, cast on focus if I have one, if not, cast on self"?

As I said above.... I only have offensive abilities keybound and all
targeted heals are on Grid+Clique.

Yup, thanks again, I feel that kind of defeats the purpose. I almost
might as well be clicking an action bar if I'm going to click to cast
(though of course clique is easier/better than action bars).

6) Moving with the mouse conflicts with grid+clique in battlegrounds
because you obviously can't be moving in different directions with the
mouse and trying to click on a unit frame in grid. I don't know how to
solve this.

I'm in that position too but I don't find it a problem. I always run
using auto-run - rarely with the forward key and never with both mouse
buttons. I usually find that strafe left or right is enough for a short
time until I can turn with the mouse. I don't heal in arena though so I
imagine that the problem is worse there.

Ok fair enough, thanks for all you input.