Re: Simple notepad addon?

Urbin <urbin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
Interestingly enough I often get comments about my typing speed from people
I work with (and I wonder why they aren't just as fast, all sitting in front
of the computer all day like me).

Indeed. It's like my great-grandmother, who spent 60 years of her life in
the US, but never spoke a word of english. It makes your mind boggle that
you can't pick up something so basic just from osmosis.

On the other hand, she commented on "how good I was at mousing" (her words),
something she just can't get used to :-)

I mouse with both hands - left at home and right at work. When I tell people
that they tend to look at me very strangely. *
* PV something like badgers--something like lizards--and something
like corkscrews.