Re: Making money with the AH?

On May 4, 9:38 am, "Shammy" <n...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
(atm I raid ulduar and it's not uncommon to have a 300g cost
per raid!!! 150g rapairs, 4× flask, ton of buff food).

I just want to say, it should not be costing you this much to raid.

The bosses drop a lot of gold. The money you make off the farm bosses
should cover most of the repair costs you end up incurring from your
progression bosses.

Food should be fish feasts, and they should be a guild sponsored
activity. Ie, you should be reimbursed for obtaining fish feasts by
your guild for a guild sanctioned raid. If not, you really need to
take this up with the guild leadership, since that's the whole purpose
of feasts.

I think that on average, raiding Ulduar-25 has cost me about 100g a
week. And that includes 1-2 nights of wiping to a boss, along with
potion and flask costs, each week. Since I average in the neighborhood
of 3 daily quests per day, it means that I tend to run a profit of
about 200g a week. Notice how I do not play the auction house, at all.
Only if I win an epic do I end up with a net loss over the week, after
gemming / enchanting costs, but many months of farming Naxx-25
basically gave me a big buffer to lean on to cover those costs.
// T.Hsu