Re: ARGH!!!! WHY? Do Not "Fix" Something That is Not Broken!!

On Wed, 15 Apr 2009 12:49:14 -0700 (PDT), Orion Ryder
<orionryder@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

From the patch notes:

+ Prayer of Mending: This spell will no longer fail from "A
more powerful spell is already active" errors. It will now always
including overwriting a weaker Prayer of Mending. In addition,
which are triggered from casting a healing spell will now be
properly by Prayer of Mending.

Eh? WHAT?!!!

I'd rather have it fail then overwrite one that already exists.

If it fails then when the one that exists now is sent to another toon
then I cna cast it.

If it overwrites now both priests can end up being on CD!

Now it is broken!!


Why oh Why?

Because it was broken.

Be honest - you prefered the previous behaviour, because it made
things easier for you. But it also stopped the spell being overwritten
or refreshed even when that was what a player wanted to do, and that
was a bug, pure and simple.

Even if it hadn't been a bug, though, Blizz would still have fixed it,
I think, because it also deskilled the healing role in a way that was
contrary to the way Blizzard see the game. Go back a couple of years,
and you'll find mods that could, for example, automatically cancel
attempts to cast heals if the target's health was over a certain
percentage, or cast a lower level of spell if the caster's mana was
getting low ("Decursive"? Too long ago, I can't remember with
confidence). That made things so much easier for healers in a raid,
because it took some of the skill out of deciding when to heal and
what to cast - you just hit the button, and if another heal arrived
first, yours didn't go off, and you kept the mana. Blizz took the
attitude that it was the player's job to decide what to cast and when,
changed the API significantly, and killed mods of that sort stone dead
- and a real pain in the backside that was too, the first couple of
times my healer raided. Fixing this bug is very similar - you can't
just spam the spell any more, secure in the knowledge that it won't
actually go off until it's needed, you have to make the decision
yourself. It makes things harder for you, but it puts the skill back.
And, in the end, that's how it should be.

Cheers - Ian