Re: Dual Specs cost 1000g

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On 24 Feb, 15:57, "Drone." <borg.dr...@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Wow Insider are reporting that enabling dual specs costs 1000g on
PTR at the moment.

Are you kidding me? 1000g is <very> <very> cheap for what you are
To you maybe. It's all about how it fits into the way that each
individual plays and I can't see that it's worth that much to me.

(Snipped everything else as its immaterial to the above, since you're
concerned in how it affects you.)

In summary, there will be a new feature that costs 1000g. Thanks for the

Well, yeah. The post was about passing that info on and then
commenting about how it needs to be different to work for me. Your
post was how you'd like it improved for you (basically add tanking and
healing abilities to a Rogue)

Well, I wasn't saying I would like it improving for a rogue.
I was merely emphasising the benefits brought by a combination of hybrid +
dual spec, and comparing what it provided when compared to what a pure has.
I was implying it was comparable to adding a 'free alt with benefits'
character to a pure spec, and at a cost of just 1000g.
I think I am safe to say that I would never see Blizz ever doing something
like that for what are considered pure specs.