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That sounds true. However, Auctioneer used to have to get AH items 50
at a time too. Now it can grab all 30,000+ items at one time,
completing the scan in under a minute instead of 15-30 minutes.

Wait, hold on! Say WHAT??? Since when? Auctioneer at BEST scans up to 40
items a second for me, usually less, and never takes less than 10
minutes to complete a scan, unless it's a neutral AH.

Am I missing something?

Look at the 5.x prerelease version. Works fine, and sucks down the
entire AH contents in under a minute.

This has been an available feature for quite some time, but you used
to have to use your console to do /auc getall to use it. Nowadays
I think (I'm using the development verions, so I'm not sure how much
of the features are on release yet) you should have a ">>" -looking
button on Auctioneers scan settings. It'll get you the whole database
in one go.

I think Blizzard made that feature available already in version 2.4.x
or something, unfortunately nothing like it have been done to the mail
system. The only real limitation to it is that you can scan the AH only
once every 15 minutes or so and if you're on a high population server with
a slowish connection, it might disconnect you.

Well, I never saw this anywhere in the pre-release version, but I'll go
take a look for it...

One wonders WTF this isn't the default given it's only necessary to scan
one every 12 hours at most. Just how long has this feature been in

Ohhhhh... I see why now. It doesn't work.

Yeah, it does. You have to click the >> icon twice by default, and for
me it takes almost as long processing the data as it used to to scan
the AH, but it *does* work.

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