Re: Consumable ammunition will not be removed in patch 3.1

On 12 Feb, 14:26, "Shammy" <n...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Great ! I never used the pouches/quivers anyway. I have to many more
important bags to
carry. Raising the stack from 200 to 500 or 999 will be okay. I still use
three or four
slots for ammos, nice to have a couple of slots back in my AH or availible
row of bags.

So you lost 15% attack speed instead of putting an ammo pouch??  If yes you
are the first hunter ever I heard not putting an ammo pouch.
15% speed is like half heroism/bloodlust and removing that on purpose really
impacts your dmg.

I quested for a long time with a Warrior. He was always out of bag
space and, one time after we'd not long been to town and his bags were
full again, I quizzed him about it. It turned out that he'd been
carting a quiver/ammo bag around for the last 40 levels (we were just
over level 60 when I found this out). :P It actually took me a while
to convince him to get rid of it.