Re: Rested xp

Brian Westley <westley@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
That's when you have to do daily battleground quests.

Ahhhhh. Ok, that makes sense. Interesting. Combat medic in the
battlegrounds. I like it.

The seasonal events can have some good XP too; the Midsummer
Fire Festival had two daily quests that got me levels on
both toons.

Yeah, I got major exp on my priest for the Trick or Treating at Hallow's

Noor has listed every quest she's done on the blog (Reinisch's
quests aren't listed) and there are over 20 movies up of various
quests they've done at


So any Alliance smith on The Venture Co realm who's a completist,
bring your gold, I'm planning to put up each one for 95G/300G

Um, I'm on the Venture Co(US) as Alliance. But what I'm looking for is a
couple of cooking recipes. :)

Oh, I can do those too. Both of my pacifists have Booty Bay alts
(Reinischbb on Venture Co) so it's easy to get most of the cross-
faction stuff up on the AH. What ones did you need?

I need these three:

Roasted Kodo (vendor in Mulgore)
Dig Rat Stew (quest reward)
Savory Deviate Delight (Zone drop in Barrens. I'm sick of trying to farm
it and would rather pay an absurd amount of gold for it.)

To be honest, I only strictly need any two of these.

If you can, tell some blacksmiths you know about the Barbaric
plan set coming up; I've been selling "flyers" about it in the
goblin AH by putting up letters mailed to myself and posting them
for 1 copper.

I will pass it on to my guildies.

Pryderi - 80 Hunter - The Venture Co

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