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neithskye <jill_bookerGREENEGGSANDSPAM@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I'm a Prot Paladin, who had, until yesterday, tanked exactly one
instance in Wrath. I read the WoW Forums; I got the distinct
impression that everyone plays perfectly, etc., and failing that, were
at least very intolerant of errors in instances.

As a result, I was terrified to tank anything to practice. What if I
make a mistake? It's the end of the world! (According to some Forums

I know exactly how you feel!

When you play a healer (which is me, most of the time), instances are
comparatively straightforward. You generally don't need to know which
mobs to CC, which mobs are linked, which are immune to certain types
of damage, which to kill first, etc, etc. Just stand back and heal
the team. (that doesn't mean healing is *easy* - just not very
complicated, most of the time).

In comparison, when you tank, you generally have to lead the group,
mark targets, know which to pull, make sure the group's ready, assign
CC, etc. On top of that you need to manage aggro to ensure every mob
is stuck to you like glue, and still remember to avoid any special
avoidable attacks.

I found it quite daunting the first few times I tanked instances with
my warrior. I felt quite a weight of responsibility for the rest of
the team (yes, I also get this when healing, especially in healing
intensive fights, but it was worse when tanking!).

But on the other hand, I also found tanking geat fun.

Now I have a prot paladin (in my multiboxing team) it'll be
interesting to maybe tank some instances with 4 other people (instead
of my 4 shamans).

Zil, Level 80 NE Priest, Aman Shan're, Stormrage Europe


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