Malygos (10) tips needed!

Curious if anyone who's done Malygos on 10-man has any tips for it? Been
trying him with my guild (very small guild, so extremely limited choice
of classes and obviously only in heroic/10-man Naxx gear) and we're not
having a lot of luck. Our usual setup is:

Prot warrior
Feral druid (catform on this but he's usually the 2nd tank)
2x holy priests
Resto shaman
Elemental shaman
Enhancement shaman

Often 1-2 of those or more aren't available and then we take whatever we
can get to fill the gaps, which can end in interesting class mixes, but
these seem the most active raiders currently (we have another 5 80s in
the guild but most aren't available much so usually end up filling gaps
with pugs instead).

Best we've managed on Malgos so far was a few tries reaching phase 3,
but with only about 1 minute or less to the enrage. We came back the
next day and just went backwards, couldn't even survive phase 2, and
can't for the life of us figure why, since the only difference in group
setup was replacing a resto druid with resto shaman, and I'm sure it
can't be designed so you *must* have a resto druid... was just not
possible to outheal 3-4 big hits on people within 1-2 seconds though.

Overall it's a really tough fight for us: we have no replenishment buff
and no deathknights among our regulars, so we were running with 2 pug
deathknights to try and keep the sparks under control with death grip on
phase 1 - is there any good way to manage them without deathknights, or
at least with only 1 DK? That phase is also horrible on healer mana, I'm
assigned to concentrate on the maintank and the only way I can keep
going without going oom is using our druid as an innervate bot (lucky I
get on well with him and he doesn't mind that I had to make a macro to
whisper him for innervate every single try lol), and I'm not really sure
how the other healers cope, maybe it's a bit easier to get a breather
for mana if you're on the raid but maintank healing is awful, just
chaincasting greater heal and then having to heal myself in vortex so
not even getting a break then!

Phase 2, weird one, the first day we got there wasn't so bad, we soon
learned to live through it and reach phase 3 (reaching phase 2 was what
took time to learn), but then the 2nd day we went back with no major
changes in setup and it just seemed like everyone was being hit harder
by the various spells and things around, people were complaining about
not enough healing, but, wtf are we to do when somebody loses all their
health in less than the time it takes to cast a heal that'd only restore
1/4 of their health anyway? And yes we are using the anti magic zones!
I'm confused because it worked ok the first time, does a resto druid
make *that* big difference? Our usual healer setup is 2 priests and a
shaman, the druid was just a pug we'd had since the shaman wasn't
available that day, so we need to make it work with non-HoT classes.

As for phase 3, well, we need to actually get there before we can learn
much about it, best we've managed was getting there with 1 minute on the
clock and then some aoe thing killed us all (having only got there a
couple of times I can't even recognise the aoe yet, never mind avoid it,
that's still to be learned lol) I'm hoping when the new Grid gets fixed
up that will make healing a touch easier, as right now all I can do is
pick someone at random and spam the hot on them then aoe heal and hope
for the best :-P

Will be probably 3 weeks till we try it again since our leader is going
away on holiday and those of us left in charge of raids during his
absence are thinking it'll be enough work keeping Naxx and OS going with
our small pool without organising further wipefests on Malygos, so I've
got some time to look for tips and strategies to help us improve! :-)
Sagart (80 Undead Priest)
Tairbh (74 Tauren Druid)
Eilnich (70 Blood Elf Warlock)
Buinne (70 Troll Shaman)
Balgair (70 Human Rogue)
Naomh (70 Draenei Priest)
Rosad (70 Human Warlock)
Sealgair (70 Dwarf Hunter)