Re: What's your favorite zone?

John Salerno <johnjsal@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
My vote goes for Un'Goro and Winterspring. I like their look and feel,
but also that they have a narrower level range for questing than a lot
of other zones.

Un'Goro is such an exotic breath of fresh air in the desert that is
Kalimdor, and of course Winterspring being on the same continent
provides a very different (but still distinct) feel also.

My favourite is definitely Feralas.

If it was a real place I'd love to visit it - it's so tranquil (well,
apart from the bear, wolves and ogres etc trying to kill you!).

In terms of gameplay atmosphere my vote is for Darkshire. I'ts really

Zil, Level 70 NE Priest, Aman Shan're, Stormrage Europe