Re: How do shadowpriests deal damage in shadow form?

I think it was "ave" <ave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> that wrote something

Actually, I was just trying to test this out, and every time I ended
up getting more mana back from VT using my method than yours.

First few attempts using my method, (VT,SW:P,VE,MF,MF,MB,Wand)

Ofcourse you will get more mana back with this order, because you are
casting mind-blast whilst VT is applied.

Well, the time I didn't get to cast MB because the mob was already
dead still returned more mana.

As I said in my last post:

The only reason for not doing it in my order is if you want the mana
from the mind-blast with VT up. Which is fair enough, but nothing I
particularly worry about.

When I mentioned:

As long as the mob isn't dead before VT runs out, you will get more
mana back in my list (albeit, it's a negligible amount extra).

I was talking about mana back from VT specifically, rather than the cast
sequence as a whole.

Well, I suppose so. Sounds about as useful as listing the damage from
sympathetic detonations in a nuclear blast though. ; )

The mana regain for Ave's method might be increased by putting up a
shield so as to not lose MF ticks, but then you've lost the mana from
casting the shield.

I never used a shield while solo'ing mobs. There is no need. I normally got
two mind flays in before the mob was close enough to start effecting the
cast By that point it was time to switch to wand anyway.


Hmm, I take it you turn around and run while casting the Pain and VE

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