Re: Looking for advice on BGs, Honor, and PvP

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My guildies checked Vam out, and told me he's woefully underdressed.
Their advice was to do BGs to pick up honor until he gets to 70, then get
the best BG pvp gear he can. The goal was to gear him up so he can do Kara when
he dings 70.

My main is a Paladin, although a Holy one. I don't know very much
about Retribution, except that it is very gear-dependent, but are you
sure PvP gear will help Vam in Kara? A lot of PvP gear does not fare
well in PvE - for example, the Holy set has zero Mp5. During very long
battles, this is very bad.

Again, I don't know Ret, but if you aren't enjoying PvP there's no
sense grinding to get a bunch of gear that might not even help you
when you could just perhaps run some instances at lvl 70 and obtain
much better gear.

Well, I tried it this weekend, and found it unbelievably annoying and
tedious. At a personal level, I suck at PvP, and between that, low gear, and
being low in the level group (61-69 or 61-70), Vam dies a lot - at least a
dozen times in a typical AV run.

If I get into contact with Horde, I get Stunned, Sapped, Feared, and
DoTed so quickly and often that it's no fun at all. You'd think I'd do
well as a healer, but a big blue draenai with a huge flaming sword
attracts a lot of attention, and I get interrupted all the time.

I just dinged 60,000 HKs, so I've done my share of BGs. People will
disagree with me, but Paladins have it very bad in PvP right now.

I'm not familiar with Ret. It can dish out insane amounts of burst
damage, but lacks things like interrupts and a Mortal Strike effect.
Most healers will laugh at Ret Paladins.

As for Holy, in a nutshell: one school of magic + casted heals + no CC
= bad.

With one school of magic, no other class gets locked out like a
Paladin does due to things like Counterspell, Kick, etc. Your entire
UI goes gray - you can't even bubble. With no heal-over-time heals and
no instant casts save for Holy Shock (which you won't have, since
you're Ret), which is like Mana Burning yourself, our two heals are
casted. With every class in the game, except for, ironically,
Paladins, having multiple ways to interrupt, good luck trying to get a
heal off.

Paladins lack offensive skills. If another healing class sees I'm
healing: a Priest can Mana Burn, Fear and Mass Dispel me, a Druid can
Bash, Feral Charge or Cyclone me, which I can't even bubble out of,
and a Shaman can spam shocks at me, interrupting my heals, as well as
Purging my blessings, Light's Grace, etc. Seeing another healer, a
Paladin can . . . Hammer of Justice once every 60 seconds; it usually
has a 50% resist rate.

I could go on and on, but to conclude. If you're only PvPing to get
Ret gear please do some reasearch to see if it will help you. It could
very well, I don't know, my PvP gear did just fine for the first few
runs of Kara until I collected the +healing Plate stuff from there. My
point is, there's no sense doing something you're clearly not enjoying
if it won't be worth it in the long run.

Yes, being lvl 63 among 70s isn't helping. Get a PvP trinket, and the
better one if possible - it allows you to remove effects that cause
you to lose control of your character every two minutes.

Perhaps re-spec Holy for a while. Prot and Ret do just fine healing,
but you can pick up Holy Shock. It's a total mana drain and has a
ridiculous 15-second cooldown, but is the only heal we can cast
instantly and while moving. I have a macro to cast Divine Favor then
Holy Shock - that instant 3,100 heal has saved my behind plenty of
times in PvP.

Always stay with a group - Holy Paladins anyway are kind of weak 1-
on-1. You're Alliance, and this is AV which, with lots more people
than AB or EotS, makes it more difficult to notice what each
individual is doing. However, my Paladin is a Blood Elf, and at least
Horde-side, when people notice that he is healing, they will protect

With better gear it will become less frustrating, although if you have
eight enemies on you, not much is going to help. My Holy Paladin in
his PvP gear has close to 400 resilience, +1,500 healing, 10K mana,
11K life, and 15K armor. He can go an entire night of BGs and not die
once. Of course he can't kill much in his own, but he can last long
enough for help to arrive.

Oh, dear. I told myself I wouldn't babble. So much for that. :P


1. Is this the best route to uber gear before 70? Can I do
better with quest drops? I notice there is some very nice
gear in the CoT, available for rep and gold. It looks like its
going to take a long, long time to get enough honor to get
the good lvl 70 stuff.

The best thing to perhaps do here is to go to some sites like
Thottbot, Wowhead, etc., and research what drops from instances, what
is obtainable from reputation, etc., and decide for yourself.

2. How can I improve my PvP? (Yes, I know: 'practice, practice').
Is there a decent tutorial somewhere?

Turn with your mouse if you don't already. I have never played a FPS
before, never strafed with the mouse, and found it really hard
learning to turn with the mouse in WoW. I still have trouble with it.

Bind all the skills you use to hotkeys so you don't have to click.
Bind, I dunno, Blessing of Freedom to "Z", Hammer of Justice to
Shift-"Z", etc., so that you can always be turning with the mouse and
hotclicking spells.

You might find the WoW PvP Forums on the WoW Forums helpful. Sometimes
amongst all the angry posts are threads that I've learned from - how
to kill X as Y posts.

Try dueling. Ask the person after what you could have done
differently. Sometimes I discuss my fights with people and say, "I
can't believe you didn't use "Whatever Skill!", and they say, "Ohhh!
That's what I was supposed to do there".

Finally, as a Holy Paladin anyway (I know you're Ret, but you're still
healing), get used to the idea that some classes will just WTFPWN you
- a Priest with Mana Burn and Mass Dispel, for example. The game is
not balanced 1-vs-1. Unfortunately, there are zero classes that
Paladins WTFPWN back.

(I'm really not trying to be a downer or discourage you - just don't
think it's entirely all you. Over in the Paladin Forums I saw a link
to some recent Arena representation charts on the Tournament server.
In 2v2, Paladins are at 8.7% vs. Druids at 139.9%; in 3v3, Paladins
are at 17.4% vs. Druids at 156.6%; and in 5v5, Paladins are at 72.7%
vs. Druids at 218.2%. So the combined representation of Paladins in
all three brackets is less than Druids in any one given bracket. The
Paladin class has glaring problems that even being the most uber
player won't help.)

3. Is the quest that involves 4 mark turnins for
extra honor worth it, or should I keep the marks
separate? I try to be smart about which BG to visit
when, but still try to hit all of them.

If you have specific gear in mind, research how much honour and how
many tokens you'll need. If you dislike PvP, with some gear requiring
40 tokens of a certain BG, like 40 AV tokens for the trinkets, you may
find you get those 40 tokens then never go back to that BG. If you end
up continuing with PvP, see what you have more of later - honour or
tokens - and make your decision then.