Re: needing for alt

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Ok, so i was in scholomance with my lvl 60 mage enchanter. It's my only
toon. We are just in the first room, and poof! drops the lifestealing
enchant recipe. I almost fall of my chair. While getting up, i see ''can i
need this for my alt'' in chat, and before i could type ''NO YOU F! CANT!'',
he needs it and wins the roll. I drop the usual "OMGWTFYOUIDIOT you cant
need stuff for your alts", and he tells me ''it's not my alt, it's my
main''. That went on for a while and in time i swallowed it and we moved on.

Was i wrong here? Is it okay to need loot for alts? Should i make several
alts with all profesions and armor proficiencies so i can need everything?

i don't think you need us or anyone to tell you he or she was being
greedy and quite possibly lying.

what? if you are on your alt you can't need recipe??? I don't seem
to get the reason why?